Tucson Young Professionals launches TYP Mentorship

Tucson Young Professionals launches TYP Mentorship

Tucson Young Professionals launches TYP Mentorship 1640 924 Tucson Young Professionals

TUCSON, ARIZONA — February 16, 2020 — This week, one of Arizona’s largest young professional networks launched a long-awaited mentorship program for its 650+ members. 

TYP Mentorship will pair interested members with mentors from the Southern Arizona Leadership Council and other community partners, this Spring, for a 12-week mentorship program focused around connection, professional development, and community impact. 

“TYP members have been asking for a formalized mentorship opportunity through TYP for quite some time now, and I’m really pleased that our team has been able to make it a reality.” said Crystal Adams, President of the TYP Board. 

Accepted applicants will receive a 1:1 mentorship pairing, focused on 4 weeks of networking and connection with an experienced professional in their sector or area of interest, 4 weeks of professional development and growth topics, and 4 weeks focused on community impact and engagement insights and advice. 

Explains Zach Yentzer, the Executive Director of TYP: “TYP’s vision is that our success, and the success of our members, is based on providing the best possible value to the most people possible. Tucson needed an accessible, large-scale mentorship platform for young professionals aged 21-45 and we are excited to provide it. There is little as effective for growing the next generation of community and organizational leaders, and retaining and rooting young professionals in community, than mentorship. I’m excited to launch this scalable model and create numerous, long-lasting partnerships for the good of Greater Tucson.” 

A major partner in this beta round will be the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, an organization of 140 of the region’s most involved and engaged community leaders committed to the thriving and flourishing of Southern Arizona. 

“We have been proud supporters of the work of Tucson Young Professionals for many years now, and know that a successful future requires intergenerational collaboration. Our members look forward to these mutually beneficial mentorship relationships,” writes President/CEO of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Ted Maxwell.

Applications for the beta round opened on Monday, February 15th, and are open until March 5th. Mentorship matches will be made by March 15th, and the Kickoff of the program will be on March 22. 

Head to tucsonyoungprofessionals.com/typmentorship to learn more and apply. 

Interesting in being a mentor for TYP? Email Executive Director Zach Yentzer at zach@tucsonyoungprofessionals.com.