Who We Are

It’s time to create a more prosperous, innovative, and inclusive community for young professionals in the greater Tucson region. We lead today, not tomorrow.

We make Tucson a better place for young professionals to live, work, and play through professional events, mid-career development, and advocacy initiatives. By being the unified voice of our region’s young talent, we are bringing new ideas and perspectives to help Tucson experience positive development that benefits all.

Our members are aged 21 to 45, ranging from prominent community leaders working to elevate Tucson to mid-level risers and transplants trying to find their place within the community to fresh faces preparing for the road ahead. What unites all of us is a belief in the power of collaboration and the ambition to both grow and lead.

Our mission is to build community connections, foster personal and professional growth, and advocate for new ideas, perspectives, and policies that shape the future of our region.


Thriving communities can often be measured by the number of connections forged within them. By building a healthy ecosystem of collaboration, idea exchange, and mentorship, we elevate our young people and create more equitable access and better conditions for innovation.

TYP is working to:

  • Foster meaningful connections between young professionals.
  • Welcome young people from underrepresented groups into the professional ecosystem.
  • Promote opportunities such as employment, volunteerism, and civic leadership.
  • Create a landing pad for new graduates and relocating residents to find community.
  • Curate and promote resources that help create stronger community and cultural ties.


We help bridge the skills and knowledge gaps that traditional educational institutions and employers struggle to fill, keeping up with trends and cultural shifts and focusing on the growth of young professionals as impactful members of their workplaces and community.

TYP is working to:

  • Design programs and spaces that encourage the exchange of ideas and relevant skills to excel in the future workplace.
  • Foster mentorship, advice, and direction for personal growth from early career through mid and senior levels.
  • Help employers create better workplaces for young professionals to be happy, healthy, and productive.
  • Develop and elevate more empathetic and generous community leaders that work to serve the entire community.


We are stronger when we work together to have a more influential and informed voice. We identify both issues standing in our way and opportunities that we should pursue to achieve our vision of a strong, innovative, and inclusive Tucson for young professionals.

TYP is working to:

  • Seek support for and investment into initiatives that help realize our vision of a strong, innovative and inclusive economy.
  • Prepare and place young professionals into civic leadership roles.
  • Educate young professionals on social and political issues that impact them so that they may be better informed citizens.
  • Work to attract new talent and promote our region’s top talent to elevate Tucson as a more competitive city in the global market.
  • Keep our finger on the pulse of what young professionals care about, validated by data.

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young people under the age of 28 first pick a place to live and then find a job
Our region’s economic strength depends heavily on our ability to attract, retain, and develop a skilled workforce
Communities that lack the environment to support their young professionals are at a competitive disadvantage

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