Who We Are

It’s time to change the dialogue, sharpen our ideas and make an impact.

We are a group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Tucson as a place for growth and prosperity. TYP is a place for the next generation of business leaders to share their ideas, test their insight, and participate in dynamic conversation. The focus of the organization is to provide members with opportunities to build relationships with the local community and its leaders and inspire like-minded professionals into making Tucson a better place to live, work and play.

Our Mission

Tucson Young Professionals is a group of young business and community leaders focused on the attraction, retention, and promotion of young professionals in Tucson. Together we create a voice to help impact the development and growth of Tucson.

Interested in becoming a member?

Invest in Tucson’s future leaders

We need the help and support of the business community to help fulfill our mission. This is why we are asking you to invest in our mission and in the future of our community. Utilizing the method below, we work to create a voice to help impact the development and growth of Tucson:

01. Promote

  • Promote organization through traditional and digital marketing efforts.
  • Promote the Tucson region as a young professional-friendly place to live, work, and play.

02. Attract

  • Recruit young professionals who currently reside in or are moving to Southern Arizona.
  • Recruit seniors in Southern Arizona colleges and universities to help combat “brain drain.”

03. Retain

  • Engage with students about job opportunities in Tucson.
  • Create a place for young professionals to come together, network, and get involved.

04. Encourage

  • Encourage members to volunteer.
  • Create conversations around how Tucson can meet young professionals’ needs and wants.
  • Create an outlet for change.

3 of every 4

young people under the age of 28 first pick a place to live and then find a job
Our region’s economic strength depends heavily on our ability to attract, retain, and develop a skilled workforce
Communities that lack the environment to support their young professionals are at a competitive disadvantage
Thanks in advance for your commitment to our community,
—The TYP Board of Directors