Race, Equity, Access, Diversity, Inclusion

TYP Race, Equality, Access, Diversity, Inclusion Team

If Tucson is going to grow a more inclusive economy, we must be intentional about the conversations we are having and the actions we are taking to ensure the steps we take as a region benefit all, and not just some.

We will work together to address problems that include:

  • Economic inequity
  • Institutional racism
  • Participation and community representation
  • Gentrification and similar issues that come with economic growth


Initial ideas for activities this team can lead.

  • Evaluating and educating YPs on public policy.
  • Developing roundtables and similar events to educate members on READI issues.
  • Providing recommendations to TYP board on how the organization itself can be more welcoming and inclusive.


Why should a member get involved?

  • If you have knowledge, experience and passion that could be helpful in guiding these complex issues and want a vehicle to maximize your impact.
  • If you are interested in learning, listening, and becoming a better ally.
  • If you understand that a more equitable Tucson will be much stronger for all.
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