TYP Perks+

Bolstering Tucson’s Young Professional Community

Tucson Young Professionals is a membership-based organization working to create a stronger, more innovative, and more inclusive Tucson economy. As part of our mission, we are working to strengthen the bonds between young professionals and locally-owned businesses while offering special benefits to our members.

What is it?

An exclusive benefits program for TYP members that unlocks discounts to local food and drink, fitness, office spaces, professional services, leadership programs, and more.

How does it work?

Participating businesses provide special discounts that are added to a directory that only members may access. These can include flat discounts on orders, special gifts, or unique offerings designed for the TYP community.
Offers are either claimed through discount codes online or by members mentioning their status to the business and showing a digital member ID with their smartphone.
Members may access the TYP Perks+ directory by logging in to our website at tucsonyoungprofessionals.com

Why should businesses participate?

TYP members are the rising star’s of Tucson’s community, with many leading today, into tomorrow. By providing incentives that better promote a healthy ecosystem of support and patronage of local businesses, we strengthen our community and local economy.
In short: TYP members are the allies any business should want in their corner.

Why should members participate?

Beyond the special discounts and perks that are a great added value to TYP membership, businesses that are curated for this program are predominantly owned by young professionals or otherwise part of making a better Tucson. Our mutual support benefits our entire community.
These businesses have already joined the program, and the list keeps growing:
If you represent a business and you would like to participate, please complete this form.