Membership Assistance


Tucson Young Professionals is excited to provide engagement opportunities, professional development events, and advocacy platforms. To ensure our members are able to take advantage of all of these opportunities at a discounted or free rate, members will now be required to use a code when registering.

The change is simple – TYP Members can receive exclusive pricing by entering the email address used for your membership. If you’re unsure of your current membership email (e.g. changed jobs and used an old work email, etc.), please submit the form below.

If your current membership email address is not bringing up exclusive pricing, and you know it’sthe correct email associated with your membership, please reach out to us with the form below. We are happy to look into this for you. This could happen if you just became a member as the system may not have been updated yet. We’ll get you taken care of as quickly as possible, and we’ll make sure you can join in the fun!