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The Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) wants to hear your story: why are you in Arizona, what keeps you here, and what could make you move?

The Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) was established in 2002. A transformative event in its history was the Gallup Arizona Poll, the most comprehensive study ever undertaken in Arizona. The statewide results identified an Arizona Citizens’ Agenda in The Arizona We Want with a set of 8 citizen goals

CFA’s VISION is to achieve The Arizona We Want. The foundation for success will rest in our ability to build a broad-based statewide network of citizens, leaders, organizations, and agencies who share a common set of goals that are supported by sound research data, thoughtful metrics for measuring progress and enabling policies that support the vision.

The Arizona We Want Citizens’ Agenda:

  1. Education: People of all ages are prepared for the 21st-century workforce.
  2. Jobs: Quality job opportunities are available for Arizonans.
  3. Health: Health insurance is available with payment assistance for those who need it.
  4. Transportation & Infrastructure: A modern transportation and infrastructure system support work and trade.
  5. Water & Open Space: Arizona’s natural environment, water supplies, and open spaces are protected.
  6. Young Talent: Arizona becomes the “place to be” for talented young people.
  7. Civic Participation: Citizens feel empowered and civic engagement increases.
  8. Connected Communities: Citizen well-being and sense of connection to one another is strengthened

PROGRESS METERS: The Citizens’ Agenda On Track

The Arizona We Want expresses the expectations of citizens for their future. The Progress Meters transform the Citizens’ Agenda into a set of actionable policies and performance measures that can be tracked over time. This statewide effort, which has already engaged more than 100 organizations, is central to CFA’s role in accelerating economic prosperity, opportunity and quality of life for all Arizonans.

The Education Meter has already been established and adopted widely, including by the Governor of Arizona. Its metrics are already impacting change that raises the quality of education for better preparation of a 21st-century workforce. Draft metrics for six additional goals have been created through a careful process that has already engaged approximately 100 Arizonans, including experts in each area. The process included oversight from the Progress Meters Task Force and focus groups that included Arizonans from throughout the state. The next step in that process will be a survey of more than 200 Arizonans during June.

Young Talent: Arizona becomes the “place to be” for talented young people.

The remaining Citizens’ Goal is Young Talent – Goal 6. Citizens made it clear that the state’s future must be a “place to be” for young people. Achieving this goal, like achieving the other seven, necessitates that CFA develops metrics for it as well. But the process used so far for the other seven goals is not appropriate for developing metrics for Young Talent.

That is why we are using a statewide set of focus groups of young people to develop the Young Talent Meter. Necessarily, the focus groups will be diverse in numerous ways, including young people in their twenties and thirties and young people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and regions of the state. Here is how the process is unlike earlier processes. We are asking that participants tell their stories – why they are in Arizona, what keeps them here and what may drive them to move to another part of the state or out-of-state. This is the process we will use in the meeting with Tucson Young Professionals.


June 7, 2018
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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SALC Conference Room
3489 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719 United States
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