Our Favorite Tucson Muralists 

Photograph found on https://www.greetingstour.com/murals/tucson-az

Our Favorite Tucson Muralists 

Our Favorite Tucson Muralists  1500 1000 Tucson Young Professionals
Photograph found on https://www.greetingstour.com/murals/tucson-az

What comes to mind when you think of Tucson? Maybe it’s the beautiful desert, the numerous local restaurants, or the sweltering heat—all things that have become synonymous with the city. For many, there is a fourth item that stands out—the murals. 

Scattered across the city, you can find a variety of stunning murals by local artists that celebrate the people and nature that call Tucson home.  

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite muralists and where you can find their amazing murals! Check out their Instagram for more of their work.


Joe Pagac (@joepagac)

Photograph found on http://joepagac.net/public-art

Born and raised here in Tucson, Pagac is the brilliant artist behind a number of famous Tucson murals, including “Sky Islands (Whale Mural)” on Campbell and Grant, “Epic Rides” (pictured above) near Stone and Sixth, and “Roadrunner Cycling” on Fourth and Stone. See more of his work here.


Jessica Gonzales (@jessicagozalesart)

Photograph by Jessica Gonzales / Saddlebag Notes

Gonzales, originally from Germany, is known for her bold colors, use of contrast, and portraits of women, often local. You can find her work “Frida” at the American Eat Company, “The Path Unpaved” at The Little One, and “Mural” at Hotel McCoy. 


Rock ‘‘CYFI’’ Martinez (@cyfione)

Photograph found on https://www.cyfiart.com/

Martinez, based in Minneapolis with studios in Tucson and the Twin Cities, has seven commissioned works here in Tucson and is known for his larger-than-life style. Though famous for his murals, Martinez considers himself to be a graffiti artist at his core. “Goddess of Agave” (pictured above) can be found near the intersection of Sixth and Seventh, “A Dream of Sunday Afternoon in Menlo Park” featuring Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera is in the Mercado San Augustin barrio, and he contributed to the artwork in the letter “C” in the “Greetings from Tucson Mural” near Sixth and Sixth. 


Robbie Lee Harris (@blame_it_on_robb)

Photograph by Josh Galemore / Arizona Daily Star

Harris (pictured above), an EMT by trade, partnered with Pagac to install the Black Lives Matter mural located on the side of the Rialto Theater in Downtown Tucson. “I wanted to put up something innocent enough that most people would wonder what the problem is in the first place,” Harris said in an interview with the Daily Wildcat. “I want somebody to walk around the corner and ask ‘Why is this young lady crying about equality? We have equality. We have justice.’ The overall goal that I want to reach is for that image to not make sense.” 


Lalo Cota (@lalocota)

Photograph by David Aber / The Tucson Murals Project

Cota, a self-taught artist, is known for his art and murals depicting everything from Mexican folk art, to Chicano low-rider culture, and desert landscapes. “Exhale” (pictured above) can be found on the corner of Oracle and Prince, and “Corazón Saguaro” is near Speedway and Country Club. 


Who is your favorite Tucson muralist? Leave a comment below!