January 10th CEO Roundtable Featuring Ryan Flannagan

Please join Tucson Young Professionals and listen to Ryan Flannagan, CEO of Nuanced Media.

When/Where: January 10th, 5:30-7:00pm @ Union Public House 

About CEO Roundtable:

Tucson Young Professionals holds a monthly CEO Roundtable as an avenue of professional development for our members and the community.

We ask our featured speaker to candidly speak for 30-35 minutes about their story of successes, pitfalls and laughs on their journey to becoming a successful leader.

The atmosphere is casual and conversational.

About Ryan Flannagan:

Ryan Flannagan, CEO of Nuanced Media and former board member of Tucson Young Professionals, has championed the entrepreneurial spirit, providing a unique vision when conducting business consulting and strategic marketing campaigns. This has resonated well at Nuanced Media. Since starting the company six years ago, the firm has accumulated numerous awards and an international client base.

Ryan is passionate about thought leadership, sharing experiences and collaboration in the digital space. He utilizes his in-depth market analysis capabilities and understanding of complex technologies to provide candid direction that focuses on the bottom line.

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