I joined Tucson Young Professionals in July 2014

I joined Tucson Young Professionals in July of 2014. After attending a great Alliance committee happy hour at Hi-Fi, I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of TYP. My excitement dulled over August and early September. Where were the events? The other professionals I met that opened my eyes to the exciting things happening around town? Did I just pay $150 to go to a happy hour at Hi-Fi? I wanted to be excited again and I wanted it now! A few days later I ran in to a friend, who is also a member and she asked me if I attended the recent CEO Roundtable event. Like high school all over again, I pretended I knew what she was talking about. When the coast was clear, I immediately turned to my other friend, Google, to figure out what she was talking about. That’s when it happened. I found the TYP website calendar, Meetup.com, Eventbrite. There were events and committee meetings happening right underneath my nose, but I was missing out because I didn’t make an effort.

In the weeks and months that followed I attended committee meetings, the TYP Fashion Show, CEO Roundtable, helped publish the monthly newsletter. My excitement from July returned tenfold. I was meeting new people, expanding my professional network, helping put food boxes together for local families. I even gained new clients. I couldn’t believe the opportunities I was getting for only $150. I think I recouped half my membership fee in appetizers at the CEO Roundtable!

Learn from my mistakes and get involved now. Make sure you’re getting all of the rewards and opportunities that come with being a TYP member. If you have questions on how to get involved, renew your membership, or why they let me write articles for the newsletter, you can send us an email at contactus@tucsonyoungprofessionals.com.

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