February 14th CEO Roundtable Featuring Aaron Eden

Please join Tucson Young Professionals and listen to Aaron Eden, COO of Moves the Needle.

When/Where: February 14th, 5:30-7:00pm @ Union Public House 

About CEO Roundtable:

Tucson Young Professionals holds a monthly CEO Roundtable as an avenue of professional development for our members and the community.

We ask our featured speaker to candidly speak for 30-35 minutes about their story of successes, pitfalls and laughs on their journey to becoming a successful leader.

The atmosphere is casual and conversational.

About Aaron Eden:

Aaron Eden created and rolled out a series of Lean Innovation workshops inside of Intuit. In the first year alone, after working with over 100 teams, insights and startups from the workshop accounted for hundreds of millions in new revenue.

Moves the Needle helps enterprises stay relevant by transforming their innovation capabilities from within. By conducting strategic engagements they help their clients shift their corporate culture to embrace appropriate risk taking, empowerment through application of repeatable innovation processes.

They tend to utilize Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Business Model Design and leadership development to accomplish these goals.

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