How To Beat The Heat In Tucson This Summer

Tucson is on the Eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert. This means, Tucson gets hot during the summer. With an average high temperature of 99 degrees in June, living in Tucson during the summer can seem like a nightmare.

Luckily, Tucson is a transportation hub. You can easily drive, fly, or train to multiple “cooler” destinations. If you can’t travel, there are still a lot of ways to beat the heat in Tucson this summer. Here are our top five ways to beat the heat this June and maintain cool all summer long:

  1. Visit Mt. Lemmon

With highs in the 60s and 70s, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world once you make the short 45 mile drive up Mt. Lemmon Highway. Mt. Lemmon has tons to do during the summer.

If you are a foodie, check out the Mt. Lemmon General Store’s fudge selection. My personal favorite is the Mint Chocolate Swirl, but Cookies N’ Cream is delicious as well. Actually, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of their flavors. The fudge is made fresh in-house every day. It’s also only $11.89 per pound

To burn off all those extra calories from fudge, try hiking. Mt. Lemmon has more hiking trails to shake a stick at. Ranging from easy to super-duper hard, everyone should be able to find a trail that suits their needs. Even if you don’t want to hike, you can take the sky ride to the summit. The ride takes about ½  hour and covers approximately 1 mile. You depart the base of the ski area near 8200 foot elevation and climb to 9100 feet. There are more hiking trails available from the top of the peak as well.

By the way, did you know that Mt. Lemmon got its name from the first white woman who dared to climb it? It was in 1881, when the US Cavalry still pursued Apaches and gunslingers fought it out at Tombstone’s OK Corral that Sara Allen Plummer Lemmon, a slender, dark-haired woman of 45 challenged and then conquered the mountain that loomed over the old Spanish Pueblo called Tucson. To read the full history click here. (

  1. Take In Some Of The History Of Air & Space At The Pima Air & Space Museum

The Pima Air & Space Museum is one of the largest non-government funded aviation and space museums in the world! Featuring over 300 historical aircrafts, from a Wright Flyer to a 787 Dreamliner. Over the past forty years, the museum has grown immensely and today encompasses five indoor exhibit hangars (two dedicated to WWII).

You can take part in guided walking tours and museum ground Tram Tours daily. The museum is the exclusive offeror of bus tours of the 2,600-acre “Aircraft Boneyard”/U.S. military and government aircraft storage facility, Monday-Friday. Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and for the low price of $15.50 a day for adults, you can cool down in this MASSIVE museum anytime you want.

The museum features over 100 indoor panoramas and 150 indoor planes. These range from old fighter jets to space suits. If you are daring to face the heat, the museum has over 150 planes on 80 acres outdoors.

The museum has been featured in movies like Transformers and Can’t Buy Me Love, it has found its place in Tucson already.




(Can’t buy me love)

To read the full history of the museum to start planning your visit click here: (

  1. Learn About Your Home At The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Maybe you want to learn a little bit about why it’s so hot here or about what kind of wildlife can actually survive a summer in Tucson. The Desert Museum is ranked on as one of the Top 10 Museums in the country and the #1 Tucson attraction. However, you won’t be super cool at this museum. Unlike most museums, about 85% of the experience is outdoors! The 98 acre Desert Museum is a fusion experience: zoo, botanical garden, art gallery, natural history museum, and aquarium.

Open on Sunday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., you’ll be able to find a nice cool time to visit the museum. For only $20.50 for adults, you can explore the  21 interpreted acres with two miles of walking paths through various desert habitats, 230 animal species, 1,200 types of plants — 56,000 individual specimens, and one of the world’s most comprehensive regional mineral collections.

The Museum was founded in 1952 and is dedicated to the interpretation of the bi-national Sonoran Desert region. The newest addition, The Warden Aquarium, opened in January 2013. It’s a freshwater gallery focuses on the region’s rivers, native fish and conservation efforts while the salt-water gallery showcases marine life from the Gulf of California. A hands-on touch tank offers twice-daily interpretations for visitors. Currently, you can pet live stingrays. Something I bet you never thought you would be able to do in Tucson.

  1. Reach For The Stars At Kitt Peak National Observatory

While it’s a good drive away, Kitt Peak is located 56 miles southwest of Tucson in the Schuk Toak District on the Tohono O’odham Nation, Kitt Peak National Observatory has been voted the most romantic Tucson location.

Sharing the mountaintop site with the National Solar Observatory, Kitt Peak National Observatory was founded in 1958. It operates three major nighttime telescopes and hosts the facilities of consortia which operate 22 optical telescopes and two radio telescopes. Home of the largest array of optical and radio telescopes in the world. The Visitor Center is open from 9:00 AM to 3:45 PM for daytime visitors and tours. Admission is free to the Visitor Center, but they do charge fees for daily guided tours and programs.

The nightly programs are awesome though. You can take part in the “Nightly Observing Program Your introductory” a family-oriented stargazing program, or the “Dark Sky Discovery Program” a small-group observing program for people who have already begun their astronomy adventure. There are also guided tours of telescopes.

However, the real beauty is up above. You won’t find a better place to star gaze in the state. If you dream of visiting outer space or just want to contemplate life, Kitt Peak is a beautiful place to do it.

  1. Take A Hike In The Water Of Aravaipa Canyon

Aravaipa Canyon is one of the most beautiful hikes in Southern Arizona.


It’s a nice hike through a pretty canyon along, and in, a stream. With no maintained trails, this is a perfect hike for explorers. Whether you want to frolic in the stream or explore a side canyon, you’ll have a blast in Aravaipa Canyon. It’s a beautiful desert canyon that has water flowing in it year-round, but be careful of flash floods during monsoon season.

A permit is required even for a day hike into this canyon and must be booked ahead of time from the BLMs Safford Field Office, (520) 348-4400. Fee is $5 per person per day and is limited to 50 people per day. Plan on hiking about a mile per hour due to the ever-changing terrain.

Also plan on leaving early, it’s not an easy place to get to. It’s about a 70 mile, 2 hour, drive from Tucson to the West Trailhead and a 148 mile, 3 hour, drive from Tucson to the East Trailhead. However, the canyon and it’s beauty are worth the time taken.

Whether you want to visit the cool top of Mt. Lemmon, star gaze at Kitt Peak, or just learn about your desert neighbors at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, you will find a way to cool down this summer…..or you know, you could always just sit at home and watch Netflix. Your call.



Tucson Margaritas: Three Unique And Awesome Options For Cinco De Mayo

Written by: Layton Cox

Let me start this off by saying; I’m not a tequila guy.

Just like everyone, I have an experience that “killed” tequila for me. The first time I drank tequila, I did too many shots of Jose Cuervo Gold. To say the least, I didn’t feel good the next morning. A few years later, I forgot and made the same mistake. After that, I swore off the stuff. Tequila is the alcohol portion of the margarita cocktail. While I’m sure the majority of people can say they enjoy margaritas, the same majority can say that they don’t enjoy tequila.

I learned more about tequila doing the “research” for this article than I ever imagined I would.

For example, Jose Cuervo Gold is a horrible tequila. There are many better tequilas for nearly the same price. There are also many delicious mezcals for even less. The difference between a tequila and a mescal is all in the location. Just like Scotch in Scotland and Champagne in France, Mexican laws state that tequila can only be produced in the state of Jalisco. Everything else is a mezcal. One isn’t better than the other, they both have their pros and cons, but most people have had tequila and few people have had mezcal.

Another fun fact, the reason you lick salt before the tequila shot is because salt naturally opens up your taste palate to enjoy the tequila. The reason you bite the lime afterwards is that it naturally cleanses the palate after the shot. However, if you are drinking a good tequila or mezcal, you don’t need to take it in a shot.

However, let’s talk margaritas.

There are a lot of ways to make a margarita, but they all somewhat resemble this: tequila, sweetener (usually agave syrup, simple syrup, or in-house sweeteners), lime juice, and ice. Some mixologists will add orange juice to the mix as well, but that’s the general idea. As you can see, these aren’t super fancy ingredients, so the bartender has to put their unique twist on the drink by either selecting a particular tequila or by making their margarita sourer (with more lime juice) or sweeter (with more sweetener).

Quick, Efficient, Drunk: Illegal Pete’s Margaritas

Illegal Pete’s started its Tucson home after some turmoil. However, the two-story bar located at Main Gate by UofA is now a growing success. Tucson’s Illegal Pete’s is the first non-Colorado location of the seven-store chain, and it’s killing it. Joe Kaley, the manager, said that the Tucson location sells roughly 2x as many margaritas as their University of Colorado location. #ThisIsTucson There are no longer any protesters blocking the door, and it’s easy to see that the students at UofA have quickly started enjoying the new bar’s atmosphere.

The margaritas aren’t bad either. Made from an in-house recipe, one of Pete’s personal recipes actually, these were by far the strongest margaritas I sampled. Consisting of 2 shots of Sauza Silver Tequilla and ½ shot of triple sec, these margaritas had roughly 4 ounces of booze. However, they taste pretty good as well. Their margarita consists of fresh lime juice, orange juice, their margarita secret mix, and the tequila, the margaritas are on the tart/sour side of the scale but still go down easily. If you aren’t a big fan of the sour margaritas, they have strawberry, mango, and prickly pear margaritas that are on the sweet side.

If you want to get drunk quick for cheap, Illegal Pete’s margaritas are your best bet. On Cinco De Mayo they are doing $4 margaritas all day, their typical happy hour pricing. Even if getting drunk on Thursday isn’t your thing anymore, Illegal Pete’s has happy hour every day from 3pm-8pm and a late night happy hour during the weekends from 11 pm to 1 am, but don’t worry; the kitchen stays open until 2:30 am. You also get free chips and salsa with a purchase of any drink during happy hour. It’s a great deal.

While its location close to campus draws a younger more rowdy crowd, it’s still somewhere a young professional can fit into quite easily. Their food is solid, and their drinks are strong.

PencaAuthentic, Well Made, Simple: Penca’s Margaritas

Penca is a smaller bar located downtown. It has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Bryan, the bar manager and local Tequilla guru, said Penca serves as an informal happy hour or a great starting bar for those late nights. I couldn’t agree more. Penca takes their tequila and mescal seriously. Bryan was on his was to Oaxaca to test some potential new product, talk about a fun job. Bryan has been making this trip once a year for the past three years. He says he learns something new every time.

Penca’s margaritas had one of the most complex creation processes I’ve seen. Using a “small batch” tequila called Arette, in-house and freshly made triple sec, and freshly squeezed limes their margarita was delicious. Balancing perfectly on the fine line between sweet and sour, it was the easiest margarita to drink. Penca doesn’t believe it’s the bar’s job to tell their patrons what to drink, so they are happy to custom make you any variation of the flavor of margarita possible. With over 42 different Mezcals and ten different Tequilas, the options are high. They salt only about ¾ of the margarita rim, which is perfect for someone who hates licking salt before every drink.

These margaritas are easy to drink and don’t pack the booze-filled punch that many margaritas have. If you want a relaxing post-work happy hour or to start your night off with some of the best tasting tequilas and mezcals around, you want to head to Penca.

ReformaTequila, Craft, Delicious: Reforma’s Margaritas

Reforma is a tequila-focused bar in St. Phillips Plaza. They have over 285 tequilas and 20 mezcals. These guys know their stuff. I spoke to Marcus and Steve for about an hour. They sold me on tequila, even after I told them about my Jose Cuervo experience. Marcus had the quote of the day when he said, “We have all killed tequila, but there is something here for everyone.” These guys taught, and showed, me that you can make tequila taste like nearly any other spirit, but nothing tastes like tequila. They also taught me that Patron isn’t worth the money and people who order it are just trying hard to look cool. However, their margarita is what got me in the door this time, and it’s what will bring me back next time.

Reforma has seven margaritas to choose from: House, Skinny, Blood Orange, Tamarindo, Prickly Pear, Mango Habanero, and Cucumber Mint. Each of them has an entirely different flavor profile and taste. While I wish I could dive into each of them, I’m just talking about the house margarita today, but I can promise you the rest are just as delicious.

Reforma is one of a kind in that instead of salting the rim of the margarita glass they use “salt air”. Salt air is like sea foam that is placed on top of your drink. It’s delicious. With every sip, you get a little bit of salt followed directly by your margarita but you never actually lick salt. This made the house margarita one of my favorites. Reforma’s house margarita has lime and orange juice, which makes it a little bit more sour than sweet. They also use the Suaza Blue Tequila and 100% agave sugar for sweetener. It’s a straightforward and delicious combo. If you want a margarita on the sweeter side, go for their Prickly Pear, if you want a more sour margarita, their Blood Orange is their most popular margarita on the menu.

I will be 100% honest with you; you shouldn’t go to Reforma for just the margaritas. The margaritas are fantastic (especially during Mondays when they are only $5), but you should go to Reforma because you want to learn how to like tequila. Just by telling them what kind of booze and non-tequila cocktails I like, they were able to get me three tequilas that I could sip on just as easily as sipping a coke. I was blown away. Reforma is Tucson’s best tequila bar.

Hola Cinco De Mayo

If you want to have a huge blowout day with very little memory of it afterwards, head to Illegal Pete’s for their $4 margaritas.

If you want to tip your hat to tequila and the margarita but still want to make it into work tomorrow at 7 AM, head to Penca and talk mezcal with the staff.

If you want a tasty and top-of-the-line margarita to end your long day, head to Reforma and don’t be afraid to ask the bartender what kind of tequila is right for you because there is a tequila out there for you.


Three Easy Ways to Get A Summer Beach Body

One of the greatest things about Southern Arizona is that you can put a swimsuit on in March and not take it off till September. Basking in the Tucson sun is part of nearly everyone’s summer plans. However, this can also lead to a very stressful time for some. More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of American adults are considered to be overweight or obese. For this large portion of America, summer time is just Spring’s sweaty older brother. Everyone should be proud of their body, and being able to strut a healthy body is on a lot of people’s minds as summer quickly approaches.

If you haven’t been hitting the gym hard and staying true to that diet you PROMISED you would stick to back in January, it’s okay. 80% of people break their New Year’s Resolutions within 3 months. I actually just broke mine, not drinking soda, last week.

That’s why April is a perfect time to jump back on the healthy bandwagon because you still have a few months until pool season. Here are three steps that will help you get your abs ready for pool, mimosas, trips to the lake, and making your ex jealous on Instagram.

1.    Create A Calorie Deficit

Usually, the word deficit is a bad thing, but not when it comes to calories. A deficit just means more is going out than coming in. A calorie deficit means you are burning more calories than you are eating.
Losing weight and slimming down is science, not magic. For every pound of fat you want to lose, you have to burn 3500 more calories than you take in. That’s a lot, but not if you burn 350 calories more than you eat each day. If you consistently create a calorie deficit, you will lose fat. This is not a theory. It’s a law of physics.

In order to create a calorie deficit you need two things:

1.    How many calories you burn each day
2.    How many calories you are eating each day

To find how many calories you burn each day, you have a few options.
A simple and easy way is to plug your information into a few academic equations:

•    The Harris-Benedict equation for men: (88.4 + 13.4 x your weight in kilograms) + (4.8 x your height in centimeters) – (5.68 x your age in years). For example mine is: (88.4+13.4×79.83)+(4.8×176)-(5.68×25)= 1,860
•    The Harris-Benedict equation for women: (447.6 + 9.25 x your weight in kilograms) + (3.10 x your height in centimeters) – (4.33 x your age in years)
•    The Mifflin-St. Jeor equation for men: (9.99 x your weight in kilograms) + (6.25 x height in centimeters) – (4.92 x your age in years) + 5. For example mine is: (9.99×79.83)+(6.25×176)-(4.92X25)+5= 1,780
•    The Mifflin-St. Jeor equation for women: (9.99 x your weight in kilograms) + (6.25 x your height in centimeters) – (4.92 x your age in years) – 161

While these equations aren’t 100% accurate, think of them as rules of thumb, I can probably reasonable expect to burn around 1,800 calories. If I eat less than 1,800 calories, I’ll lose weight.

If you aren’t a fan of rules of thumb, technology has advanced so much that it’s pretty easy (and cheap) to get a very accurate picture of how many calories you burn throughout the day. An Apple iWatch, Fitbit HR, Jawbone Up3, or any other wearable will accurately track your motion and be able to calculate a much more accurate picture of your average calorie burn. For example, I tried both the Fitbit HR and Jawbone Up3. Both of them had me averaging around 2,200 calories burned each day. 400 extra calories that I greatly enjoyed.

To find how many calories you are eating each day is a little tougher.

There is really only one way to track the calories going in and that’s by counting each one.
Luckily, technology has made it a little easier to find out how many calories are in each of your favorite foods, but it’s still up to you to track them all.

The phone app, MyFitnessPal is a free and robust platform to help you track calories. It has a barcode scanner for food bought at the grocery story, it has almost every chain restaurant’s menu uploaded, and has the basic nutritional information for most common foods. It’s simple (and did I mention FREE) to use.

However, it’s still on you to enter each meal (and snack and drink and night out and cookie) into the app so that you get an accurate picture. It may be hard at first, but after you do it for about or month or so, it will become a habit.

2.    Put On The Muscle

A common misconception is for every pound of muscle added, you can burn an extra 50 calories a day. As awesome as this would be (10 pounds of muscle is an extra 500 calories a day!), it’s just not physically true.

However, muscle does burn some extra calories. For each pound of muscle gained, you’ll burn about 6-10 calories. While it’s pretty difficult to put on more than 5 pounds of muscle over a small period of time, 5 pounds of muscle could give you 50 free calories each day. That’s not while you want muscles, though.

That’s why you want muscle.

Muscle is a dense material, meaning it can weigh a lot without taking up much space. Fat is not a dense material, meaning it can take up a lot of space without weighing much. This is also why you should focus less on what your scale says and more on what your mirror says. When you have more muscle and less fat, you become firmer and will lose inches from places such as your waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, etc. Seeing the same number on the scale is not always negative.

Resistance training is also proven to help increase fat loss. A 2012 study of 119 overweight or obese people published in the Journal of Applied Physiology randomized them into three groups: Resistance training alone (RT), aerobic training alone (AT), or both. The below chart shows the results. Resistance Training only is on the far left, Aerobic Training only is in the middle, and doing both is on the far right. Doing both Resistance Training and Aerobic Training is how you lose the most amount of fat.

But that’s not the end of the story. What about changes in muscle mass? Since we’ve already discussed the aesthetic benefits of muscle over fat, if you gain more muscle then that’s a good thing too. The below chart is from the same 2012 study. Aerobic training alone will have you lose fat, but you also lose muscle. Doing purely resistance training or both resistance and aerobic training can help you lose fat and build muscle, which is the ultimate goal.

There are literally thousands of place you can go to get a decent resistance training workout. Depending on your budget:

• has tons of free workouts, but you’ll most likely need to be a member of a gym which can range from $10 a month to $50 a month depending on which gym you pick.
•,  I started to review their workouts here, has workouts that range from $50 to $120 and last between 30 days to 90 days. All of which you workout in your own home, so no need for a gym membership.
•    Your local gym has a personal trainer which you can hire as well. Most trainers range between $50 to $200 an hour

3.    Hit The Cardio

While we JUST talked about the benefit of resistance training, there was also the fact that doing both resistance training and aerobic training (running, plyometrics, any cardio) was the best overall option.
A random website did a crazy in-depth survey of which male physique women find the most attractive and which physique most men would want. It was one of the most interesting reads I’ve seen on the subject. Find it here. Long story short, women want men who are lean but not huge or massively ripped. However, men most desire the big ripped body types. What does this tell us? Maybe men should spend more time on the treadmill and less time on the bench press.

While I did my best to find the equivalent for women’s physique, I couldn’t find one. I did find a webpage that walks through the last 100 years of women’s ideal images. Long story short, the two decades (the 2000s and 2010s) have moved the image from the thin & flat body type to the athletic-booty body type. What does this tell us? Instead of doing a starvation diet to lose weight, women should workout (especially their butts).

A lot of research has gone into how to most optimally do cardio. Some say you should sprint for 10 seconds and then walk for 10 seconds and repeat till you die. Others say you should run a marathon. The real secret is to find something you enjoy.

If you like swimming, swim. If you like hiking, hike. If you like biking, bike. Whatever you like to do, do it. However, you need to make a disciplined effort to do it hard enough to create results. Don’t just half-ass your way through the activity. Tucson has some of the prettiest parks in the state. Jogging around Reid Park or the River Wash is a terrific way to work up a sweat and appreciate your home.

Hello Summer!

Losing weight and looking good for summer isn’t that hard.

Create a calorie deficit today.

Take up an aerobic hobby for twice a week.

Do resistance training or lift weights twice a week.

If you do that for two months, you’ll be proud of that #tbt.

Written and researched by – Layton Cox


What To Do For Spring Break After College

Just a few years ago, spring break was the most important week of the year. You looked forward to this week the second you stepped on campus. It was a week filled with minor debauchery, massive inebriation, and a lot of fun times. Now, spring break is null and void. It’s just a hazy memory buried deep in the back of your mind. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. While you may not be able to “keep up” as much as you could when you were 21, you can still enjoy a week off from work to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and friends.

When is spring break?

Spring Break usually starts the last week of February and goes through mid-April. The two really big weeks are the second week in March and third week in March. Deciding when you want to take off from work is almost as important as where you are headed.

If you are still in your mid-20s, you could probably fit in with the college crowd. Whether you want to stay up till 4AM every night and not have a liver when you return to work is up to you, but if that’s what you are looking for UofA’s spring break is March 12-20 and ASU’s spring break is March 6-13. I suggest aiming your trip around one of those weeks.

If you are entering your late-20s (or the dreaded 30s), it’s probably time you lay down the beer bong and head for somewhere a little bit more relaxed. If that’s what you are looking for plan a trip for early April. You’ll get better weather and less drunk co-eds.

Where to go for spring break?

Spring break can be spent inside or outside, in the mountains or on the beach, with friends or with strangers, and it will still be a fun time. Deciding what location and atmosphere you want to enjoy during your week-long sabbatical is up to you. Lucky for us, Tucson is a travel heaven. You can get almost anywhere quickly. Here are our top three post-grad spring break destinations:

  1. Vail, Colorado

According to Forbes, Vail is the 7th best ski resort in North America. ( Vail has almost everything a spring breaker desires. From skiing to concerts, you’ll be able to find something that will keep you busy.

Our favorite day activity: skiing or snowboarding at Vail, or its sister mountain Beaver Creek (only a short drive away). It’s a huge mountain with plenty of on mountain activities including the World Pond Skimming Championships (google it). Vail is also the current host of the Burton US Open. Experts and beginners alike will experience some of the best skiing conditions in America. With weather throughout March in April around the mid-40s, you won’t freeze your butt off but you’ll still get to wear all those winter clothes you purchased at the outlet mall.

Our favorite night activity: When it comes to free concerts in the mountains in March and April, Vail is hard to beat. The biggest end-of-season bash in the Rocky Mountains is the “Spring Back to Vail”. This year on April 8th to the 10th, “Spring Back to Vail” is returning for it’s 13th year. A few days of free concerts and a lot of fun in the sun, this is the weekend to be in town. You can read more about the entire party here:

Our favorite place to stay: The Tivoli Lodge ( is the best place to stay in town. Offering a fully-equipped fitness room, two outdoor hot tubs with mountain views, underground parking and ski storage, a short walk to hiking or biking trails. Tivoli Lodge in Vail Village is conveniently located in the middle of all things Vail, within a block of the new “One” 10 passenger Gondola with WiFi and heated seats, and a 5-minute walk from Vail Village, so you can be sure to experience everything on your next Vail visit. However, it does come with a pretty price tag so don’t be prepared to make this trip on a budget.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas stays with Vegas, except for those tax liabilities on your winnings. Las Vegas is fun any time during the year, but during March it’s even more fun. The host of the Pac-12 Tournament between March 9th and March 12th, this is a Tucsonans’ favorite getaway.

Our favorite day activity: Watching basketball. When you favorite Pac-12 team, hopefully UofA, is winning, you should be at the game. Tickets start at $240 and it’s probably pretty hard to find them now, but check craigslist or stubhub for any openings. It’s a completely different basketball experience. You see the coaches and players walking around your hotel and then you get to cheer them on as they play for the Championship.

Our favorite night activity: Gambling. Duh! Whether you are a blackjack or craps player, Vegas has got you covered. Dress up in your new sharkskin suit or black cocktail dress and get ready to party. If you lose, or win, at the tables, keep the party going at the night clubs or shows.

Our favorite place to stay: The MGM Grand. Host of David Copperfield, The Pac-12 Tournament, Hakkasan Night Club, Wet Republic Ultra Pool, and many many more amenities. This is one of the best resorts in all of Vegas and you can find competitively priced rooms for any time in March or April.

  1. Puerto Penasco, Mexico (aka Rocky Point)

Puerto Peñasco, better known as Rocky Point, is a popular spring-break destination for Arizona students, providing a Cancun-style atmosphere without the expensive plane ticket. White sandy beaches and turquoise waters are only about a four hour drive away. Obviously, make sure your passport is up to date before you cross the border. There are also some simple safety tips: don’t drive at night, don’t try to buy drugs, don’t sell drugs, and have a copy of your passport emailed to yourself. These are just simple precautions, Rocky Point is still a very safe place to visit and stay.

Our favorite day activity: With temperatures around the mid-70s and warm waters, you must go to the beach. With its soft sand, Rocky Point is perfect for tanning or drinking the day away Jimmy Buffet style. It also has warm water, unlike the California coast, so feel free to swim or snorkel to your heart’s desire.

Our favorite night activity: While you need to make sure you have a plan before you go out each night, it feels like there’s a bar or nightclub everywhere, so finding a decent place to hang out is easy. However, remember to pace yourself, you don’t want to lose your head in a foreign country.

Our favorite place to stay: Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort. Luxury 1 to 5 bedroom condos that are right on the beach. Close to all the other resorts and night life, so you’ll always have something to do. Each of the condos are owned by different people, so finding an owner who takes care of their condo is pretty easy. Who knows, maybe you’ll buy one yourself.

Don’t lose your fun side just because you graduated. Go travel and enjoy a week off from work with one of these adult spring breaks.


I joined Tucson Young Professionals in July 2014

I joined Tucson Young Professionals in July of 2014. After attending a great Alliance committee happy hour at Hi-Fi, I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of TYP. My excitement dulled over August and early September. Where were the events? The other professionals I met that opened my eyes to the exciting things happening around town? Did I just pay $150 to go to a happy hour at Hi-Fi? I wanted to be excited again and I wanted it now! A few days later I ran in to a friend, who is also a member and she asked me if I attended the recent CEO Roundtable event. Like high school all over again, I pretended I knew what she was talking about. When the coast was clear, I immediately turned to my other friend, Google, to figure out what she was talking about. That’s when it happened. I found the TYP website calendar,, Eventbrite. There were events and committee meetings happening right underneath my nose, but I was missing out because I didn’t make an effort.

In the weeks and months that followed I attended committee meetings, the TYP Fashion Show, CEO Roundtable, helped publish the monthly newsletter. My excitement from July returned tenfold. I was meeting new people, expanding my professional network, helping put food boxes together for local families. I even gained new clients. I couldn’t believe the opportunities I was getting for only $150. I think I recouped half my membership fee in appetizers at the CEO Roundtable!

Learn from my mistakes and get involved now. Make sure you’re getting all of the rewards and opportunities that come with being a TYP member. If you have questions on how to get involved, renew your membership, or why they let me write articles for the newsletter, you can send us an email at