It’s time to change the dialogue, sharpen our ideas and make an impact.

Tucson Young Professionals (TYP) is engaged in finding our voice to re-energize Tucson. TYP is a quality group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Tucson as a place for growth and prosperity. The focus of the organization is to provide members with opportunities to build relationships with the local community.

TYP is a place for the next generation of leaders to share their ideas, test their insight and participate in a dynamic conversation. This will not only provide young professionals with a voice, but an outlet for affecting change. TYP seeks to work hand-in-hand with the current community to with help inspire like-minded professionals into making Tucson a better place to live, work and play.

Our Mission

Tucson Young Professionals is a group of young business and community leaders focused on the attraction, retention, and promotion of young professionals in Tucson. Together we create a voice to help impact the development and growth of Tucson.

Why Join TYP?

  • looking to grow your network
  • want to make a positive impact on economic development
  • you’re an entrepreneur
  • you’re a recent college graduate
  • you’re new to Tucson, AZ
  • you’re looking for volunteer opportunities with like-minded individuals and peers
  • you’re looking to be a community leader
  • you’re looking to grow your career or business


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