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It’s time to change the dialogue, sharpen our ideas and make an impact.

Tucson Young Professionals (TYP) is engaged in finding our voice to re-energize Tucson. TYP is a quality group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Tucson as a place for growth and prosperity. The focus of the organization is to provide members with opportunities to build relationships with the local community.

TYP is a place for the next generation of leaders to share their ideas, test their insight and participate in a dynamic conversation. This will not only provide young professionals with a voice, but an outlet for affecting change. TYP seeks to work hand-in-hand with the current community to with help inspire like-minded professionals into making Tucson a better place to live, work and play.

Mission Statement

Tucson Young Professionals is a group of young business and community leaders focused on the attraction, retention and promotion of young professionals in Tucson. Together we create a voice to help impact the development and growth of Tucson.


Join TYP


Aimee Dolmseth, CallPointe
Danielle Duarte, Nesco Resources
Jeff Ell, Ell Real Estate Team
Jessica Galow, United Way of Southern Arizona
Ana Garcia, The Polder Group
Jessica Johnson, BeachFleischman CPAs
Brooke McDonald, LeadLocal
Vanessa Santucci, Equilibrium Properties
Todd Shaner, Shaner Group
Devin Simmons, Raytheon
Dillon Walker, Hydrant Development
Jen Wong, Pima County

Tucson Young Professionals is pleased to share with you our most recent Annual Report. We appreciate your interest in TYP. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.